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What is a Chordmonger?

Chordmonger is a MIDI chord controller that seeks to expand creativity among musicians by instantly placing a multitude of chords at a finger's reach. Chordmonger integrates seamlessly with any MIDI enabled hardware synthesizer, electric keyboard, or music production program. Its 108 chords, chord speed slider, and minimalist design create a platform of possibilities that anyone can enjoy, regardless of experience level.

Our crowdfunding campaign was successful. Following the fulfillment of our backers' orders, chordmongers will be available for purchase on our website. Stay tuned!

List of features

  • Nine different chord shapes
    • Major| Minor| Dominant
    • Major 7th| Minor 7th| Minor 9th
    • Augmented| Diminished| Power Chords
  • Chord Speed Slider
    • Breaks the chord into an arpeggio
    • MIDI clock sync capable - Chord notes are played at various subdivions of your DAW's BPM
  • Chord Sequencer Mode (Note / Melody Mode)
    • Remembers up to 16 previously played chords
    • Adjustable tempo via tap or increment
  • Note / Melody Mode (Chord Sequencer Mode)
    • Play notes either with or without accompaniment from the sequencer
    • Independently set the MIDI channel for playing other instruments
  • "Flavor"
    • Plays an inversion of the selected chord
  • Octave Selection
    • Independently change the note range for playing chords and notes
  • MIDI channel selection
    • Independently change the MIDI channels for both chords and notes
  • Latch Mode
    • Continues play of previous chord until the next is pressed

Chordmonger has 41 soft-touch buttons and a durable acrylic body. It offers both USB and 3.5mm MIDI connections. Using a chordmonger is as simple as plugging it into your synth or vst.